30 Day Silent Hill Challenge

I’m gonna do this and actually stick with it this time. Peace of CAKE!

1. Favorite game in the series
2. Favorite protagonist
3. Favorite secondary character
4. Favorite minor enemy
5. Favorite boss
6. Saddest scene
7.  Scene that made you angry
8. Sweetest scene
9. Scariest scene
10. Favorite ending
11. Favorite location
12. Game you disliked
13. Most efficient weapon
14. Favorite quote
15. Most annoying level/location
16. Character you’d want to cosplay as/have cosplayed as
17. Favorite death scene
18. Character you’d date
19. Funniest scene
20. Favorite pairing
21. Most shocking scene
22. Favorite OST
23. Favorite vocal song
24. Favorite instrumental song
25. Favorite alternate costume
26. Best UFO ending
27. Something you have learned from Silent Hill
28. Favorite credits music
29. Character you can relate to most
30. Why you love Silent Hill


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