SH 30 Day Challenge 1

1. Favorite game in the series

Silent Hill 2 was is the greatest video game I’ve ever played.

It all started as a game that I randomly stumbled upon while at Gamestop. The cover looked awesome, and creepy. Just like I liked my games to be. I was about 12 when I bought this game. I hadn’t heard of Silent Hill before then, honestly I hadn’t played any horror games before SH2. So it’s my firstie. 🙂

When I first played SH2, I got stuck at the WAY beginning going down the hill. How dumb could I have been? Haha. Months later I printed out a FAQ through GameFAQ’s by a guy called Silent Madness. Picked up the game once more and braved through the foggy town of Silent Hill.

I completed the game with the In Water ending my first time. I still have my stats from that game written down!

The story was the most beautiful thing about the game. Through my many years after that playing games, I haven’t found any story line to yet come close to the story of James Sunderland. None yet!


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