In a Walking Dead Game forum discussing games that have made us feel so sad with the heart…

I love other Silent Hill 2 fans. Only we understand how touching that game is and will forever be amazing!

Silent Hill 2
I didnt see this in thread.
Come on guys!

Once you’ve experienced it.. this game will be with you for the rest of your life.

I remember the day when i saw the ending… God…
A best experience. And not gaming only experience.

Actually it is damn hard to make it through the end..
is like a fight… with your own I

sometimes game is so disgusting.
But in the end… all this way…
Is like a revelation.
A literally way through hell.

SH2 changes you.

Common opinion that this game is just another horror with scary city and monsters.
I really feel sad that the other games in series and the movies are make people to think like that.

SH2 was an experiment. Its absolutely independent story.. and.. this game is all about soul.

Beware of spoilers and give it a try.


What a guy!


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