I’m known as KittieOnALeash in the gaming world. By day I’m a Computer Science student working towards my bachelors with a minor in Game Development, in the evening I’m a gaming maniac. I have been a gamer ever since I was 4 years old stomping on Goombas. My love for gaming has always made it a main focal point in my life. I joined PMS clan back in 2009 and was since then shown the awesome competitive/social side to video games as I spent many hours gaming alone I now had many other gamers to play online with. 🙂 I enjoy gamer fashion and run my own Etsy shop where I sell jewelry at G33K Tweek on Etsy. Survival Horror games are my love, but I also specialize in some FPS and I’m learning Fighting Games more and more. I have a Youtube channel that you can find me on @ youtube.com/KittieOnALeash.


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